Photo Gallery

Gorgeous details!

Contestants Van, Roy and Frank with their masterpieces.

Walking through Times Square!

Mimoza doing some last minute prep.

Van feeling excited for her big win!

Top three...beautiful from any angle.

Katie Lee and Hoda! They always show the love!

Dressing and prepping to walk the runway.

Ann's gown freshly delivered to Ripley Entertainment.

Luis can work the TP! Check the shorts, vest and hat!

Mikie, Edward and Vicky take judging very seriously!

Lunching with our contestants is one of the best parts of the contest!!

Lupe in full interview mode.

Our contestants are the most creative and fun people!

Kate scoring fabulous TP dresses! Image:AP

Top three on Haven Rooftop. Yes, that's vintage blue TP!

Models on point!

2016 marked the most men in the top ten in contest history at 4! Augusto, Frank, Luis and Roy.

Mikie Russo and the 2015 top 3!

Models in bridal TP! 

Gorgeous sashes for gorgeous entries!

Judges, Sponsor, CCW and winner Donna at the incredible Kleinfeld Bridal!

NYC is the perfect place to stroll in your TP gown!

Subway grates and breezes...

A most fabulous headpiece by Susan!

Welcome message from Kate Pancoke.

Katrina preparing for the judges!

Laura of Cheap Chic Weddings holding an incredible gift from Donna! 

We have had the good fortune to be invited to the Today show many times!

Posing at RK Bridal in NYC.

Judith's details look like a real wedding gown!

Pre-Event celebration with our contestants and friends Charla and Mikie!

Big checks are awesome!

Mara Urshel, owner of Kleinfeld Bridal, complimenting Judith on her creation! 

The media loves us and we love them!

Laura and Susan of Cheap Chic Weddings with Mara Urshel of Kleinfeld.

When only a panoramic view will do...

Mimoza and the paparazzi!

Susan and Laura with Edward of Ripley Entertainment.

Mimoza's turn at the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda!

Mikie with his dapper ornament from Donna.

Mimoza and her model entering 30 Rock for her interview.

Susan B has won the Grand Prize more times than anyone else!

Award winners at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Times Square.

Donna and her model daughter Aubrey prepping for the runway.

Julie interviewing at Haven Rooftop along with model daughter Jewel.

Top three at Kleinfeld Bridal. Donna, Mimoza and Carol.

It's all in the family for Cheap Chic Weddings! Susan, Laura and sister Jo Ann.

Susan M's intergalactic entry was amazing! She is the queen of themes!

Mimoza checking on things...

Always a fun interview at the Today Show!

Contestants spend a ton of time getting ready for judging!

But first, Let me take a selfie! Augusto's model!

Frank waiting for the start while models look on.

Triple the talent!

Mimoza's and Julie's stunning gowns on models.

Models lined up and ready to go!

The waiting is the hardest part!

We love our contestants!

So feminine and striking!

Spectacular detail!

Whipped cream anyone?

Always big smiles during the presentation of the Big Check! never gets old...for us and the winners!

Kate Pankoke talking bridal fashion wisdom!

Lovely and elegant!

Our contestants are special and remarkable!

Susan M interview featuring her striking gown and accessories!

Van's dress on display at Ripley's Headquarters!

Susan B sharing her TP dress making knowledge with the press!

All eyes on Roy's model at Kleinfeld Bridal.

The one time we strutted our stuff through Times Square!

Susan of Cheap Chic Weddings multitasking while celebrating!