Do you want to make an awesome Toilet Paper Wedding dress? Do you want some inspiration....some tips and tricks to get a shot at making it as a Top 10 Finalist???  Here are some ideas to help you make a winning Toilet Paper Wedding Dress.

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Some are more obvious than others. 


Here's a few ideas to get you inspired:


Check out bridal magazines and bridal fashion shows: Look for the most outrageous dresses. You know, the ones that regular people don't actually wear but look fantastic on the runway and in beautiful glossy mags. Those dresses and headpieces are pure inspiration!

Read fashion and bridal blogs. Find out what the hottest trends are, OR explore classic styles or celebrity trends!

Look around you at, leaves, clouds, birds, seasons.

Observe film and television costume design.

Check out historical clothing from various time periods.

Origami and other paper crafts are amazing. Translating this to toilet paper could be fantastic. 

Check out some classical and/or contemporary art.

Hey, even food can be your muse.....think whipped cream!


tips and tricks

Making toilet paper look like a wedding gown isn't as easy as it seems. Observing the techniques from previous contestants makes you realize how incredibly talented these artists are. 

Some of the techniques that have been used with great succes are:

1. Paper-mache. The nice thing about this is you can make a firm bodice, which is easy to work with. You can also make pearls and beads and flowers with this technique.

2. Candy molds. You can create flowers and other designs for embelishment. You can tear the toilet paper into pieces and then soak it in water and glue, put in molds and let dry.

3. Experiment with different tapes and glues. The lighter varieties help make the toilet paper seem more like fabric. You want the dress to look like fabric but also be durable.  

Some other ways contestants have created winning dresses..........

~ Baked the glue to change it's color and appearance

~ Crocheted and knitted the toilet paper

~ Gently burnt the edges of the TP

(Just be careful when trying some of these!!)

*Neatness counts, creativity counts, originality counts, workmanship counts and the use of toilet paper counts.

We love dresses that don't look like toilet paper. The ones that people think are real wedding gowns. Be bold and creative!

We want to see you in the Winner's Circle at the Finale Event with us in Fort Lauderdale, FL in September!