How To Enter The tp dress contest

 *You must use Sponsored Toilet Paper (TBD)

 *You may use any type of tape and/or any type of glue.

 *Use needle and thread if you like and/or a sewing machine.

*You may use any type of undergarments on your model including; crinoline slips, hoopskirts, slips, bras etc. as long as they  are NOT ATTACHED in anyway to the toilet paper dress.

 *The dress must be able to be worn by a human and be able to be taken on and off.

* You must create a headpiece using the same guidelines.


a.     Three (3) clear, unaltered photos of the front, back and side of your Entry (including headpiece) displayed (e.g. on a mannequin, yourself or another person); and

b.     One (1) photo of yourself ( Entry designer/Contestant) 

Send the Entry Form, all photos and all releases to no later than announced date and time.

Please Note Shipping Box Restrictions:

Once you enter the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, you may be asked to ship your entry for further review.

Please note that we must receive entries in boxes that fit within our carrier's shipping requirements. Carriers generally accept boxes in the sizes that they have listed on their site for sale. You will not be required to purchase from them, but you must use their measurements as a guide.

Entries can be shipped in boxes as large as the Wardrobe Box 60"x24"x22" or the Bike Box 54"x28"x8", or any other box measuring smaller than these. 

*NOTE: If you plan on making a large gown (that may not fit into the above specifications) you may make your TP dress in sections. You can use several boxes to ship it. If you make the Top 12, you will be able to reassemble your gown for the finale event. 

Remember to read all of the OFFICIAL RULES!

**Neatness counts, creativity counts, originality counts, workmanship counts and the use of toilet paper counts.**

Go big, be bold! Be one of the Top 12 Finalists and we will see you in NYC  for the event!!!

**PLUS, if you're the Grand Prize Winner, you'll receive $10,000!!!!

Second Place gets $5,000. and Third Place gets $2500. 

Good luck and we hope to see you in the Winners Circle!