The 2010 Toilet paper wedding dress contest
presented by cheap chic weddings!

$500 2nd Place Winner Ericka Andrade

$1000 Grand Prize Winner Galit Zeierman

$250 3rd Place Winner Bailie Bickford

The 2010 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest finale judging was once again held at Boca Raton Bridal & Consultants in Boca Raton, Florida. This was the first and only year that we officially opened the contest up to international contestants. The Grand Prize winner Galit was from Israel!

We received entries from all over the world! 

Jack Jones of Boca Raton Bridal and Consultants with the TP Dress winning gowns.

Galit's sweet bird detail on her nature inspired entry!

Galit's TP Dress on display during the winner announcement event.

Ericka's entry displayed among couture gowns.

So amazing!

Trying on winning gowns at Ripley's headquarters!

Galit's dress on arrival to the Ripley's headquarters!

Ripley's Edward Meyer with our winner's dress entry!